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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Commercial Fine Arts

Commercial Fine Arts

Commercial Fine Arts is a relatively recent phenomenon in India which refers to the use of different art media for commercial functions. The term 'commercial fine arts' broadly focuses on painting, sculpting, applied art ,graphic interior design, ceramic design, mural design, metal craft, pottery design and painting. An individual needs to have keen observatory sense, perseverance, marketing skills and indomitable will power to pursue a career in this field of fine arts. Pragmatism, originality, selling skills and excellence are the hallmark of a commercial artist, who essentially should be creative and original. Students interested in a career in this exciting field should enroll in Commercial Fine Arts Courses in India. More than often a course in Fine Arts is related with that in Commercial Fine Arts.
Benefits of Commercial Fine Arts Courses in India:
A course in commercial fine arts nurtures and aligns the creative energy in an individual and gives him the technical edge and finesse required to survive in the arts industry where competition is ever increasing.

Qualifications for Commercial Fine Arts Courses in India:

For pursuing a Bachelors Degree course in Fine Arts, one must have passed the Higher Secondary Examinations or 10+ 2 level. Besides this academic qualification, the individual should have a creative bent of mind and an eye for detail. For acquiring a Post Graduate degree in Commercial Fine Arts, you need to be a graduate in Fine Arts.

Scope in India:
In India, individuals having a degree in commercial fine arts can choose a career either in designing, art studios or the advertisement industry. A career as a graphic designer churning out designs and logos for visual aids in commercial houses and making illustrations in books or magazines for a publishing house can also be a viable option. You can also opt for designing the non-verbal presentations for television programs involving trade figure analysis, election results, etc. After completing Commercial Fine Arts Courses in India, an artist can also design stamps and letter heads for government organizations and remain gainfully employed. Many advertisement and software firms in India look for experts in commercial fine arts for the post of 'Graphic Equaliser'. An artist specializing in commercial fine arts can also draw and design billboards, cinema slides, technical catalogues, window slides and the like. He can also work as an art director in theatre and film productions.

Scope abroad:
One can choose to remain a freelancer, design portraits and murals, organize exhibitions and auction his creations. He can also conduct various workshops on commercial fine arts and its related fields abroad. You can also be an art critic and write reviews for various art magazines, quite popular in the West. One must establish his contacts in France, Italy and Germany after completing Commercial Fine Arts Courses in India as these are the countries which epitomize evolutionary changes in fine arts and are the breeding grounds for the maestros in commercial fine arts from all over the world.

Institutes offering Commercial Fine Arts Courses in India
The following are the premier institutes in India where commercial fine arts is taught as a subject of study:
Commercial Fine Arts Courses
Name & Address
Integrated Management College
Advance Diploma in Fine Art (ADFA) + Bachelors of Fine art in Applied Art, Painting and Animation
4 years
Contact : +91- 9818166888, +91- 9313300928/ E-mail: enquiry.sfb@imc.edu.in


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