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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Criminology courses in India

Criminology courses in India

Crime is dealt as a phenomenon at individual or social level in the field of study called Criminology. Approaching from a socio-scientific point of view, Criminology involves the study of various forms of crime, the reasons working behind an incidence of crime, and its consequences. Regulation of crime by Governmental authorities also comes under the purview of this subject. Being an interdisciplinary subject, it draws heavily from the fields of Psychology, Sociology and Law. Raffaele Garofalo, an Italian Law Professor, was the first person to coin the term "criminology". With the rising numbers of crime and rapid diversification in the nature of it, criminology is gaining importance in today's society. In addition, fast changes in the approach and mode of investigation of the policing authorities has led to the need for better understanding of the subject, thus opening up growth opportunities for a career in criminology.

Various institutes offer criminology courses in India. A few major areas of interest in this field of study are -
  • Causes of crime
  • Prevention of crime
  • Crime Statistics
  • Criminal Behavior
  • Penology
  • Evaluation of criminal justice agencies
  • Sociology of Law
  • Criminal careers and desistance
Qualifications for Criminology Courses in India:

Both undergraduate (B.A/B.S.C ) and Post Graduate ( M.A/M.S.C ) courses in Criminology are offered by various institutes in India. The basic requirement for getting admission to an undergraduate course is passing the XIIth standard with either Arts or Science. For admission to a postgraduate course, one has to be a graduate with science or arts subjects.

Institutes offering criminology courses in India include -
  • Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, Delhi
  • Punjab University, Chandigarh
  • Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai
  • University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai
  • Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
  • University of Jammu, Jammu Tawi
  • University of Lucknow
  • University of Pune Ganeshkind, Pune
Benefits of Studying Criminology:
With the increasing incidences of crime, the study of causes and consequences of such acts are becoming more and more relevant in today's society. It is but natural for a young mind to get interested in the study of deviations in human nature. Knowledge of criminology can be applied to various professions and academic fields related to the study of the society on the whole.

Scope for a Career in Criminology in India:
After pursuing Criminology courses in India, you can apply for a variety of jobs. Graduates and post graduates in this field can be appointed as teachers of criminology, legal studies, Law and sociology. A career in Criminology can be pursued in public and private sector companies or social welfare departments dealing with environmental crimes and human rights. NGOs, research organizations, private security and detective agencies also recruit criminology professionals. They can also find jobs of counseling and rehabilitating offenders in the prisons.

Scope for a Career in Criminology Abroad:
Job prospects of students of criminology courses in India are very bright abroad. Usually most criminologists find jobs as police officers and state medical examiners. They can also find jobs in the following roles -
  • Crime intelligence analyst
  • Law reform researcher
  • Community corrections coordinator
  • Regional crime prevention coordinator
  • Drug policy advisor
  • Consumer advocate
  • Environment protection analyst

Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing Courses

Creative writing requires plenty of imagination, observation and the innate ability to paint word-pictures out of anything under the sun. All works of fiction, poetry, drama and other non-journalistic writings feature an amalgamation of these attributes. If there is a Wordsmith dwelling inside the confines of your heart, set him free so that he can engage his ingenuous talents in creative writing. However, you also need to learn when not to use a liberal sprinkling of words and when to use your imaginative power in order to make your work of art an enjoyable experience for the readers and yourself. For a formal training, willing students can enroll in several creative writing courses available in India.
Qualifications for Creative Writing Courses:
Although all of us who have had a formal education can write a smattering of words here and there, a course in creative writing streamlines the unorganized writer in us and helps us embark on the correct and desired path to a career of success.

A candidate must have passed the Higher Secondary or 10+2 examination with humanities or arts in order to apply for a Bachelors degree course in creative writing. For acquiring a Masters Degree in creative writing one must be a graduate in English, Comparative Literature or allied subjects. Besides these academic qualifications, a creative writer must have the flair and the panache for writing. He must also be pragmatic, able to conceive themes, ideate subjects, sell his work and have the nerve and patience to convince the world around of his work.

Benefits of Creative Writing Courses:
A person with appropriate skills and trained in creative writing courses can endear himself to millions of readers across the world with his writing dexterity and ability to lend color to his thoughts. A writer who is creatively geared can write different types of fiction, memoir, poetry, novel, non-Fiction, science-fiction, lyrics, play, script, travelogue and romance. S/he can also write features, interviews, criticism and reviews for newspapers, magazines and journals.

Creative Writing Courses in India:
Creative writing courses are offered by several institutes in India including the following: The British Council located in all the major metro cities of India Xavier's Institute of Communication, Mumbai Central Institute of Indian Languages, Karnataka

Scope for Creative Writing in India:
After completing creative writing courses, a writer can work as a content writer, news editor, scriptwriter, freelance journalist or a faculty in creative workshops conducted by various literary bodies. You can also become a famous writer if you have the fire in the belly to prove your credentials in creative writing.

Scope for Creative Writing Abroad:
Numerous opportunities are available abroad for a career in Creative writing as one can be part of a faculty of creative writers in a university, conduct workshops on creative writing and also design various websites devoted to the basics of creative writing. One can also write for a publishing house, Film Company or a film or television show production.

Counseling Courses in India

Counseling Courses in India

With increase in complications at several turns of your life, you may often feel confused and low. Whether you worry about career planning, walk out off a relation or face social, emotional, academic, familial and economic crisis, you need support at various stages of your life. Here in rises the need for a counselor who can help you to face the challenges at different stages of your life. Counselors ensure healthy development of a person by offering support, evaluation, therapeutic aid or consultation. They can also be involved in teaching and research. It is needless to say that there is a growing demand for a patient and compassionate listener who can help sufferers including children neglected by their parents, aged people thrown out of their family, married couples lacking compatibility, victims of domestic violence and many others to overcome their crises and live a better life through counseling. Several institutes offer counseling courses in India these days to produce trained professionals in this profession..

Qualifications for Counseling Courses:
Certificate, Diploma and PG Diploma courses on counseling are offered by various institutes all over India. For pursuing a PG Diploma in Clinical and Community psychology, you need to have a graduation in Psychology. For admission to diploma program in Guidance & counseling, some institutes prefer candidates with a Bachelors degree in Home Sc., Education or Arts, whereas others admit candidates with a M.A/M.Ed (psychology) degree. Counseling courses also include a certificate course in Guidance. Candidates with M.A degree in Psychology can apply for Diploma program in Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling and PG Diploma course in Rehabilitation Psychology. Postgraduate candidates can also apply for PG Diploma in Counseling.

Institutions offering courses on counseling:
  • The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in Gujarat
  • NCERT in New Delhi
  • All India Institute of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in Maharashtra
  • Annamalai University in Tamil Nadu
  • SNDT Women's University in Maharashtra
  • University of Madras in Tamil Nadu
  • Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya in Madhya Pradesh
  • Regional Institute of Education in Madhya Pradesh
  • Regional Institute of Education in Karnataka
Benefits of Counseling Courses:
More and more people are resorting to counseling to solve various crises of their lives. After pursuing counseling courses, students acquire helping skills to counsel and guide people for coping up with their educational, social or personal crisis.

Scope for Counseling in India:
Once you complete counseling courses, you can choose from several job profiles in India. Trained personnel can opt to work in marriage counseling agencies, schools and colleges, old age homes, counseling centers, welfare departments of governments or remain self employed.

Scopes for Counseling Abroad:

In the countries in the West, counselors are held in the same rank as other medical practitioners. Their remunerations are thus higher than that in India. Counselors can opt for practicing abroad in the same fields offering counseling jobs in this country.

Institute of Company Secretaries of India, ICSI

Institute of Company Secretaries of India, ICSI

Institute of Company Secretaries of India, ICSI is a professional organization, which offers training to students aspiring for a course in Company Secretaryship. Though its offers a distance learning module, you can count on its exhaustive resources which will be provide to you while registering for the course. Apart from 66 exam centers, ICSI has 69 chapters and satellite chapters across India for offering guidance and counseling to the students as well as its members. With its headquarters in Institutional Area on Lodi Road in New Delhi, it also offers oral coaching classes to willing students.
Courses at Institute of Company Secretaries of India, ICSI:
After you complete Class 12, you can enroll for Company Secretaries course which consists of Foundation, Executive and Professional programs. You will also be required to attend field training for approximately 15 months, which can be undertaken after completing the Executive program. An undergraduate candidate can however, complete the course through Executive and Professional programs apart from taking the training. Once you clear the professional level and also complete the training successfully, you can be enrolled as an Associate Member of the ICSI.

Eligibility for admission to Institute of Company Secretaries of India, ICSI:
  • Students from any stream can apply for 8-month Foundation Program.
  • A candidate, who has graduated with fine arts, can not apply for Executive Programme.
  • After you pass the Executive level, you can begin studying the Professional Programme.
  • A candidate with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Commerce or Corporate Secretaryship need not pass the Foundation program. The same applies for pass-outs of the final exam of ICWAI or ICAI in India as well as any Accountancy school recognized by the Council as an equivalent one.
Admission Procedure for ICSI:
  • You can enroll for the CS program any time in a year, the exams of which are held in June as well as December.
  • You can collect the prospectus from the ICSI offices by paying Rs 200 or Rs 300 by cash for Foundation and Executive programs respectively. If you want to collect by post or courier, you can send a D.D of Rs 250 or Rs 350 respectively. The D.D should be payable at New Delhi and drawn in favor of 'The Institute of Company Secretaries of India'.
  • The last date for admission to Foundation level is 31st March or 30th September while the cut-off date for Intermediate course is 28th February or 31st August.
Fee Structure of ICSI:

You need to spend Rs 3,600 for the foundation program. A commerce graduate can pay a fee of Rs 7000 for Executive program and a non-commerce graduate, Rs 7750.

Contact Details:
22 Institutional Area

Lodi Road in New Delhi, Pin- 110 003
Tele No: 011-41504444,

Directorate of Students Services


Sector 62 in NOIDA

Pin- 201301

Tele No: 0120-4239998

Company Secretary Courses

Company Secretary Courses

The career course of Company Secretary is not only prestigious but is financially rewarding too. The post of a Company Secretary is considered a respectable one in the hierarchy and this is one of the most important posts a person handles. This is because, in this position, one acts as the mediator between the company and its Board of Directors, government, shareholders and regulatory authorities. The job of a company secretary is to ensure that the Board procedures are strictly followed and regularly revised. Company Secretary is the conscience seeker of a company. He or she guides the Chairman and the Directors on how to make the best use of their responsibilities under various laws. There are so many career institutes in India that offer courses for company secretary. IndiaEdu provides all kinds of career information to its visitors.
Companies Act: As per the Companies Act, 1956, every company with a paid-up share capital of Rs. Two crores or above has to appoint a whole time Company Secretary. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has developed and regulated the profession of Company Secretaries in the country.

Eligibility for Company Secretary Courses:

A candidate needs to clear 3 stages to qualify as Company Secretary and these are:
  • Foundation Course
  • Intermediate Course
  • Final Course
These are the three levels included in the courses on company secretaryship. The details are as follows:
The minimum eligibility to gain entry in the Foundation Course is a pass in 10+2 examination or its equivalent in any stream. The course is of 8 months duration.

Intermediate Course:
A pass in the Foundation Course Examination of the ICSI/Graduation degree or a Master's degree/Pass in ICWAI, ICAI can allow you entry in the intermediate course. The course is of 9 months.
Final Course:Once you pass the Intermediate Course you automatically become eligible for admission to the Final Course.
Foundation Course: One passing the Final examination of ICSI you will need to undergo a practical training after which, you will be completely eligible for the Associate Membership of the Institute.

Company Secretary Training

  • The Training Orientation Programme (TOP) is for 5 days and is done before commencement of training.
  • This is followed by training for 15 months after the candidate has passed the Intermediate Examination or Final Examination.
  • There is a practical training for 3 months. This is after passing the Final examination and that too, for those, who have been exempted from undergoing the 15 months training.
  • There is a Training with Registrar of Companies (ROC), Stock Exchange, financial or banking institution for 15 days.
  • The Secretarial Modular Training Programme (SMTP) is conducted after the candidate has passed the Final Examination and completed the Training requirement. It is for 15 days.
  • Depending on the practical experience of the candidates, they can be exempted from training completely or partially.

Qualities to become a successful Company Secretary:

Candidate must be dedicated and skilled in writing and speaking good English.
Bearing a moral character is important.
Diplomacy should be followed in understanding the company strategies and policies of the company.
Intellectual, Loyal, sophisticated, loyal and meticulous individuals become successful company secretary.

Company Secretary Course Institutes:

The headquarters of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India is situated at :
ICSI House, 22, Institutional Area Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110 003
The institute also has regional offices at Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai and Delhi besides having four regional councils and thirty six chapters in other important cities of India.
On successfully clearing the Intermediate and Final Courses a candidate is required to serve a training period of 1-2 years with a Company or under a qualified and practicing Company Secretary. On completion of a four months training thereafter the candidate becomes a member of the Institute of the Company Secretaries of India and is assigned a professional membership number and can use the suffix ACS after his / her name. A Fellow Member of the Institute who is normally a senior pro can use the suffix FCS after his / her name.

Company Secretary Course Scope

: Scope in India : With the onward march of globalization in India remaining unabated the corporate sector has witnessed tremendous growth. Numerous companies from diverse fields have emerged on the Indian economic scene and with it the complexities involved in the running of an organization have also skyrocketed. It is here that the role of a Company Secretary is so important to an organization or business house, since he is competent to provide sound advice on corporate, legal, secretarial, administrative and even tax related matters. While a Company Secretary can aspire to get employment opportunities in government accounts or law departments, he can become a Chairman or Managing Director of a Company or be a part of the esteemed Board of Directors of a Company.
A budding and meritorious Company Secretary can hope to start his career with a monthly remuneration of Rs.20,000 - Rs.25,000. However, for an ordinary candidate, a monthly salary of Rs.10, 000 is almost guaranteed.

Scope Abroad: Although Company Secretaries are in great demand in India, in USA, UK and other western countries the profession or the professionals do not find tailor made opportunities. This is because the Company Secretary course is based on the Companies Act 1956, which has its roots in the Indian legal and political system and does not have much relevance outside India. A qualified Company Secretary may however find employment opportunities similar to those available to Business Graduates in either USA, Australia UK or other European countries.