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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Anthropology Courses in Delhi

Anthropology Courses in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India as well as one of the largest states in the country. One of the main institutes that offer Anthropology courses in Delhi is Delhi University. According to a report by an online edition of India's National Newspaper, it was stated that Delhi University was making an attempt to take the anthropology courses in Delhi to the college level. Recently the University made a proposal to the Government of Delhi to ask its colleges to start teaching anthropology at the undergraduate level. There is tremendous scope for students doing their Anthropological studies from Delhi University.

Anthropology Courses in Delhi Institutes
The Department of Anthropology in Delhi University offers post graduate degree and research programs in anthropology. For students who wish to pursue an undergraduate Anthropology Courses in Delhi Institutes can apply at Hans Raj College, which is affiliated to the Delhi University. It is a three years course and covers all basics and introduction to the study of Anthropology. M.Sc in Anthropology is a two-year post graduate course offered by the Department of Anthropology at Delhi University. The research courses available at DU include M.Phil in Anthropology and Ph.D. in Anthropology. Both these courses deal with research methodology and techniques in Anthropology.

Career Prospects for Anthropology Courses in Delhi
Delhi being the capital of India offers wide career opportunities to students of anthropology. On completion of Anthropology courses in Delhi, students can get jobs in a number of sectors. If you have a knack for teaching, you can apply for a job as a teacher of anthropology at colleges and universities in Delhi. Other jobs for Anthropology graduates include museum curatorial work, conversation work, eco-tourism, work in non-governmental organizations and international development organizations among other fields. The career prospects for Anthropology Courses in Delhi as well as other places within the country are gradually improving.
Anthropology Courses in Delhi
Name & Address
Phone & E-mail
Degree / Course
Course Duration
University of Delhi,
University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007,
Ph: 27667853 27666350, 23922480, 27667725 27667126 24111955 24116427
1. B.Sc (Anthropology)
2. M.Phil (Anthropology)
3. M.Sc (Anthropology)
4. Ph.D (Anthropology)
2. Master degree in Anthropology or an allied subject with at least 55% marks in the aggregate or an equivalent grading with 10+2+3+2 year scheme.
3.B.Sc. (Hons.) Anthropology/B.A.(H) in one of the following subject from Delhi University or from any other University whose examinations are recognized as equivalent to Delhi University and fulfil other eligibility conditions are required to have 50% or above marks in aggregate & 50% or above marks in the main subject.
4. M.Phil. in
1. 3 years
2. 1 year
3.2 years
4.5 Years


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