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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Career in Modeling

Career in Modeling

Modeling is one of the most fascinating career options and extremely popular among youngsters. Known for its glamour and competition, Modeling is an exciting as well as lucrative profession dominated by women. Good earnings and instant popularity are the main advantages that a career in modeling can offer. As Modeling is also considered as a gateway for entry to the film industry, the competition in the modeling career is also very high although there is constant demand for fresh faces to launch and promote various branded products. This glamorous field offers opportunities to travel and meet different classes of people.

Scope of modeling career in India

Today, modeling is one of the most popular career options in India. And a career in modeling doesn't demand high educational qualifications. Physical attributes are more important. Modeling in India is mainly categorized into print modeling, television modeling, still modeling, showroom modeling, ramp/live modeling, advertising modeling etc. The job opportunities are available in product advertising, live fashion shows, music videos, in garment fairs and acting in television programs or films.

Keeping in mind the craze for modeling career, various institutes have started offering modeling courses in India . They generally provide instructions on make-up, diet and exercise, beauty care, hair styling, how to walk and many more.

Before staring a career in modeling, one must know all the details about this profession. This profession needs dedication, lot of hard work and perseverance for being successful. It is a short-term and highly competitive career. Modeling requires a lot of patience and stamina. The models have to face a very hectic schedule and physical and mental stress.

Prominent Modeling agencies in India

There are several modeling agencies in India that can give a good break to start the career in modeling. Some of the popular modeling agencies in India are Face 1, Ozone Models Management, Mayrose Management Services in Mumbai, Catwalk, Platinum Models, Glitz, The Ramp, The Tina Factor, The Bridge in New Delhi, Aditi Modeling Service in Bangalore, Passion EC 191 in Kolakata and Profilez Estd. in Hyderabad.


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