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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Career in Print Media

Career in Print Media

Print Media is one of the most flourishing sectors of the country. The young generation of today is seen choosing a career in print media as working in the sector gives glamour promises opportunities to stride ahead very fast. But jobs in the print media also demand lot of hard work and patience. Many of the aspiring candidates opt for a career in the field of reporting but the leading magazines and the newspapers also hire artists, editors, graphic designers, photographers, cartoonists and many more. The candidates with exceptional skills in designing, photography and writing along with a good academic background face no difficulty in acquiring a good job in this field.

Scope of Career in Print media in India

Contrary to expectations, the popularity of the Internet and television has not maligned the importance of the print media in India. It is still one of the most respected and trusted source of information for the public and continue to play a vital role in generating and shaping public opinion in the country.

A Career in Print media gives you an opportunity to work on various positions like-

Columnist - a person that gives and adds information to the columns of the newspaper
Freelance Journalist - a person who is salaried as per the contribution of the articles he/ she writes
Editors - People that design the layout of the matter before the final publishing of the news
Sub Editors - A person that adds the final touches to the articles or the news given by the reporters
Apart from the these positions, one can also think of a career in Print Media as Commentators, Cartoonist, Photojournalist, Reporters and Correspondents and many more.

Elgibility for Career in Print Media

Candidates with a bachelors degree or postgraduate diploma in the filed of mass communication or journalism are eligible for the admission to this course and for a bright and promising Career in Print media. Nearly all the newspapers in India offer good job opportunities in various sectors for the fresher as well as the experienced candidates.


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