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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Book Publishing Courses

Book Publishing Courses

The innate nature of human beings continuously instigates them to seek knowledge and books being the primary medium of gaining and disseminating knowledge for ages, career opportunities in the book publishing industry abounds. The emergence of “knowledge economy" has added significant value to those who seek to pursue a career in book publishing industry. A career in book publishing has only become lucrative over the years as the process of globalization is encouraging more and more outsourcing satisfying both the creative and the material needs of the aspirants. Moreover the books published in India find a market not only in India but also in abroad. The increasing readership of books published in India has thus helped in the growth of career opportunities book publishing.

Courses in Book Publishing
  • 2 year Diploma in Press management including DTP and printing-www. avinashilingam .edu/
  • 1 year P.G. Diploma in Printing and Publishing- www.brauagra.com
  • 2 year P.G. Diploma in Printing tech & Management- www.gndu.ernet.in
  • Short ter2 m course in E publishing-Institute of Book publishing- www.ibpindia.org
  • 3 months post graduate course in publishing- Shankar's Academy of art & Book Publishing
  • 4 week training course in book publishing- www.nbtindia.org.in
  • 1 year certificate course in Binding & Finishing-Annamalai University- www.annamalaiuniversity.ac.in
Career Opportunities in Book Publishing: While the job of a publisher involves everything from selecting and commissioning manuscripts to binding and marketing, the publishing process can mainly be divided into editorial, designing, production, advertising, publicity and marketing. Therefore Career opportunities in the book publishing industry in India are diverse. The book publishing industry mainly accommodates people interested in creative writing, editing, marketing and also DTP Operators, Page makers, designers, Cameramen, Printers and binders.

One can pursue a career in book publishing as a proof -reader, project assistant, copy editor, assistant editor, sub- editor, subject editor, research editors, authors and editors at the editorial board. In the production area one can enter as an assistant production executive. As marketing is the heart of all flourishing industries one can also pursue a career in book publishing as a sales executive and publicity and promotion officers. Apart from all these there also exist self employment opportunities in the book publishing industry in India.

Qualifications:Different publishing house look for different skills in their employees. While the subject editors need to have thorough knowledge in their subject one can enter as a sub editors and assistant editor with a degree from a recognized University. The technical and marketing professionals need to have a degree in their respective fields.

Remunerations: The remuneration in the book publishing industry in India depends on the profile of the job and the specific organization. Although one generally earns Rs. 6000/ at the entry level there are tremendous possibility of growth if you are pursuing a career in book publishing industry.


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