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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Anthropology Courses in Maharashtra

Anthropology Courses in Maharashtra

Anthropology Courses in Maharashtra are offered through the two main universities namely University of Mumbai (MU) and Pune University. The Department of Anthropology at Pune University is the only department in Maharashtra, to offer anthropology courses at the post graduate level. Anthropology studies the history and evolution of humankind in respect to culture, society, kinship, and several other aspect of human life. The popularity of this discipline is evident in the number of students applying for Anthropology courses every year. The job prospects in the field of anthropology have also improved tremendously. This article gives an overview of the Anthropology Courses in Maharashtra.

Anthropology Courses in Maharashtra Institutes

The Department of Anthropology at Pune University offers M.A. & M.Sc in Anthropology. The department also offers Ph.D. degrees in fields such as Developmental Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Communication Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Dermatoglyphics, Population Genetics, Growth, Development and Nutrition, Medical Genetics and Gerontological studies. The other university offering Anthropology courses in Maharashtra is the University of Mumbai or MU. Here Anthropological studies are offered through the Department of Sociology. Courses include theoretical foundations of Sociology and Anthropology as well as the structure of Indian society and the pattern of development.

Career Prospects in Anthropology Courses in Maharashtra

In view of the applied nature of Anthropology, the job opportunities for anthropologists in government organizations are on the rise. Some of the institutions where there are good career prospects for anthropologists in Maharashtra include State Tribal Research and Training Institutes, Anthropological Survey of India, Urban Development and Planning Centers and Census Department. One can also find good job opportunities in Institutes of Population Studies, Preventive and Social Medicine Departments, Genetic Clinics, National AIDS Research Institute, Forensic Laboratories and Department of Environment. With such good career prospects, many students are now opting for Anthropology Courses in Maharashtra.
Anthropology Courses in Maharashtra
Name & Address
Phone & E-mail
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Pune University, Ganeshkhind,
Pune 411007, Maharashtra, CABLE: Unipuna,
Ph: 5656061/6550272, 25696061(Ext.1211), 25692721,
Email: nair-at-unipune.ernet.in
Graduate in any faculty of statutory University
2 Years


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